Waste Disposal Containers

A Guide to Sharps Containers


Medical sharp waste refers to a form of biomedical waste comprising of used sharps. This refers to objects used to penetrate the skin. Materials referred to as sharps waste include, disposable scalpels and blades, contaminated glass and some plastics, hypodermic needles among others. This materials are biohazards and must therefore be properly disposed failure to which they pose various dangers to the general public or to injection drug users. Since they penetrate the skin, it's possible for them to spread blood-borne pathogens. These pathogens are accountable for the transmission of diseases such as, HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Health care professionals are at a high chance of transmitting this diseases due to their daily exposure to this waste. It is therefore mandatory to properly manage sharps waste.


Sharps container is a hard plastic container that is used to dispose sharp medical objects. The main idea in the use of sharps containers is to safely handle all sharp materials until they are properly disposed. There are two types of sharps containers at https://www.idcmedical.com/sharps-containers-and-collectors/qs-series-sharps-containers/, single use and reusables. Single use containers are disposed of with the waste inside whereas reusables are emptied and then sterilized before being reused. This containers are made of plastic to prevent the sharps from penetrating. Around the world sharps containers are either red or yellow. A line is indicated in the container above which waste should not pass, this is usually two-thirds full.


Injection needles are the most used medical sharps. Large institutions such as airports have sharps containers to be used by injection drug users such as diabetics. The last step in disposing off sharps waste is disposing them in an autoclave. An autoclave is a medical equipment used to sterilize materials by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam. As a result, all viruses, fungi and bacteria are inactivated. However, chemotherapy sharps waste is incinerated. This is where the objects are reduced to ashes.


IDC Medical Sharps containers are sealable and self-locking. This ensures that health care workers minimize their interaction with the sharps waste. Most hospitals have a mini autoclave where sharps waste and other medical wastes are disposed. As a result, this minimizes the distance travelled by the containers to disposal and the number of people that come into contact with the waste.


Organizations that lack this facilities are required by law to outsource this services from a company that specializes in transportation and proper disposal of hazardous wastes. IDC medical is a company that has specialized in medical waste disposal products and hospital needs. For additional facts and information about medical waste disposal containers, you can go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7Vx0eHU_jY.